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Embrace the breathtaking allure of a Salford Quays sunset, a symphony of light and water that transforms the landscape into a mesmerizing canvas. Nestled within the heart of this urban haven, I captured a moment that felt like a glimpse into a dream. The Imperial War Museum stands as a silent witness, its presence dignified and powerful, as the sinking sun bathes the surroundings in a delicate shade of pink.

The magic of this scene lies in its perfect balance. The expansive open spaces of Salford Quays allow the sunlight to stream in, illuminating every facet with a warm, inviting glow. The tranquil waters, like a mirror to the heavens, gracefully mirror the vivid hues of the sky, creating an ethereal reflection that doubles the visual delight.

I often find myself drawn to this very spot, a photographer's paradise nestled within the heart of the city. It's as if each visit offers a new chapter of inspiration, a blank canvas waiting to be painted by the masterful strokes of the setting sun. The result is a collection of captivating images that capture the soul of this remarkable place, each frame a testament to the ever-changing beauty that graces Salford Quays.

This particular image, an epitome of the enchanting vistas I've come to adore, now finds its way into your world. As wall art, it has the power to infuse your space with the gentle allure of pastel hues. Available in various sizes and mediums, from the classic print to the timeless canvas, this photograph invites you to bring a touch of Salford Quays' captivating charm into your home.

Whether you're a seasoned art collector or someone seeking to infuse your surroundings with a touch of elegance, this canvas print offers a window into a realm of beauty that transcends time. A piece of UK photography that encapsulates both the serenity of nature and the pulse of urban life, it stands as a testament to the profound beauty that can be found in the simple act of capturing a fleeting moment.


Prints and canvases of this images are available in a range of sizes. Printed on high quality 240gsm professional grade paper or 400gsm canvas stretched on a 19mm stretcher bar.

High quality print available in:

Small (4"x6")

Medium (8"x12")

Large (16"x24")



Small: (8"x14")

Medium (14"x24")

Large (22"x32")

Sunshine on the Water

PriceFrom £9.60
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