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Having witnessed Manchester's ever-evolving landscape during my time here, I've observed this area undergoing a continuous transformation, with new apartment buildings springing up almost daily. The pristine streets, newly laid tarmac, and modern architectural marvels present a captivating setting for photography enthusiasts. In this dynamic environment, the interplay of clean lines and innovative designs offers a wealth of creative opportunities.

One notable feature of this location is how the road seamlessly aligns with the towering presence of Beetham Tower in the background. This deliberate arrangement provides a unique juxtaposition, infusing a sense of familiarity into this burgeoning part of the city. The photograph captures the essence of Manchester's urban progress, showcasing the harmonious blend of modernity and established landmarks that define the city's character.

Elevate your living space with this captivating image, which not only celebrates the spirit of innovation that drives Manchester forward but also encapsulates the essence of a city in constant motion.


Prints and canvases of this images are available in a range of sizes. Printed on high quality 240gsm professional grade paper or 400gsm canvas stretched on a 19mm stretcher bar.



High quality print available in:

Small (4"x6")

Medium (8"x12")

Large (16"x24")



Small: (8"x14")

Medium (14"x24")

Large (22"x32")

New Build Road

PriceFrom £9.60
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