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Tips for Shooting Lingerie- With Jessica Saffron

For this post, I asked my friend and very accomplished model Jessica to give some tips on being on the other side of the camera. With years of experience creating some absolutely beautiful work, Jessica has some amazing insight into the industry, tips for beginners and safety advice for models who are starting out. Below are her tips for both before and during the shoot to help you stay comfortable and safe while making sure you get the most out of a shoot. If you found this information useful or have any further questions then let me know in the comments and make sure you follow Jessica on Instagram, she has some really amazing content with a few of the images taken by yours truly!

Hi, my name is Jessica Saffron, I have been modelling for a decade now and started shooting lingerie when I was around 21. A couple of months ago a friend asked for some advice so it sparked up an idea for a reel on Instagram.

Nobody really gave me any useful advice when I started and unfortunately had a couple of bad situations (even signed to an agency at the time) so hopefully you can avoid my mistakes or unpreparedness.

Before the Shoot:

1. Set your boundaries. If you want to shoot lingerie only, let your photographer know. Sometimes photographers can persuade you to do implied topless by removing your top/bra straps. Communicate this beforehand and if they give you bad vibes, cancel, cancel, cancel!

2. Research your photographer. Ask for references and even contact 3 or more referees and see what they really think. It's all about prevention.

3. Take a chaperone. If a photographer doesn't allow a chaperone then it's a big red flag!

4. Practise your full looks at home so you feel comfortable with what you're wearing.

5. Removing loose threads and tags from your garments is a simple way to make yourself look more polished in the image. Especially on sheer material.

6. Wear loose clothes on the way to shoot so you don't have clothes lines or marks on your skin.

7. Exfoliate and moisturise your skin the night before.

8. Practice poses and look up other people's images for inspiration a few days before. Discuss and send these images to your photographer so they also understand the vibe.

During the Shoot:

1. Ask to look at images periodically throughout the shoot so you know what you look like.

2. Take breaks to shake up your muscles. Stretch or dance, you'll look more relaxed.

3. Take some images smiling, trust me they'll look stunning!

4. Wear heels or stand on your tiptoes to elongate your legs.

5. Body oil will make your skin pop on camera.

6. If you wear makeup, take touch ups. Maybe include bits for a quick lip/eye change to vary your images.

7. Have fun! Enjoy yourself

My hope with this information is that you feel fully prepared to look the most gorgeous and glamorous on set. You'll have some beautiful keepsake images.

Thank you Monty for the opportunity to create a post,


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