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My Journey So Far

I moved to Manchester in 2014 for university to study mechanical engineering. I quickly decided I didn’t like the course but I stuck it out until I got my degree, during that time however I did develop a love of photography. Photography was something I had played around with in the past, my parents have a camera I would sometimes use and phones were starting to get more capable, but it wasn't something I had considered as a career option. When I left university I became more and more interested in the field and got myself my own camera, a Canon eos m3, and started taking photos around Manchester. I learnt everything I knew about photography from youtube and through trial and error, as I became more familiar with my camera I wanted to explore other areas of photography and learn everything I could. I decided that this was going to be my future and I was going to work hard until I succeeded, with this in mind I started looking for work.

Since I had no degree or experience I had very little luck getting paid work but I got lucky and found a studio nearby that let me come round and help on photoshoots and they taught me about portrait photography. I learned how to use studio lighting, how to set up a camera for studio and outdoor portrait shoots, how to use reflectors and gels and basically everything I could need to know. Without that experience, I certainly would not have been able to get further jobs in this field. By working here I found a new love within photography for portraits and working in studios. Landscapes can be beautiful and magical but working with other people to create something together was just so much fun. Directing the models and coming up with new ideas to expand my skill set allowed me to learn so much and create art with some amazing people.

From there I got a part time job working in another studio where I could hone my craft even more. Working with some incredibly talented photographers I was able to learn so much, from new lighting setups to editing techniques. During the pandemic this studio was closed and I started to direct my attention to social media growth and creating a plan for the sort of photographer I wanted to be. I love being out in nature capturing landscapes, I love exploring cities and seeing the architecture and the people and I love working with models to create unique art together. With this in mind, I decided I wouldn’t try and fit myself into one niche as anyone who works with social media will tell you to do. I decided I would do all the things I loved, even if that resulted in poor online performance, so that I could create a brand I was proud of and that people would see and recognise as uniquely me. It would be easier to focus on one thing and it would probably have allowed me to start generating work much earlier on but I couldn’t resist the pull of all the aspects of photography I enjoy.

As the various lockdowns came to an end I upgraded my equipment to a Canon eos RP, my first full frame camera. To start with the only lens I had was the 50mm f1.8 but this cheap starter lens was perfect for most of what I wanted to do. The wide aperture made it great for portraits and it even did well at astrophotography. The small size means I could easily fit my camera in a small sling bag which made traveling around the city easy and convenient. Obviously as I wanted to develop my work more lenses were required and I managed to trade in my old M3 and the lenses I had for it to get a 24-105mm lens for my new camera. This gave me the wide angels I needed for landscape and the zoom I needed for closer crops and to create image compression. Now I am saving up to purchase new gear so I can expand the range of photography I can do and the quality I can produce.

I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning new things in photography, I constantly turn to youtube channels like Phlearn and piximperfect to teach myself new editing techniques and I’m always looking for new ideas for shoots, both landscape and portrait, so I can keep pushing myself down all these different photographic paths. With the launch of my website I now have a place to proudly display my work and get business that will allow me to pursue my dream. With prints of my work available for sale, a range of products featuring my images that make amazing gifts, preset packs to allow other new photographers a way to edit their photos and a direct line for clients looking to hire me for portrait work or commissioned landscape shots. My site allows me to do all these things in one place and keep true to my goal of enjoying every aspect of photography. I want to use this blog space to now tell my story as I continue to grow as a photographer, teach others about gear and techniques and provide value to the photographic community. I will be adding a new post every two weeks and I have a lot of exciting content planned, with tutorials, updates on my trips, gear reviews and even guest articles from other photographers who have inspired me. To stay updated make sure you follow me on Instagram and make an account on my site to get notified whenever a new post goes live. If you have any suggestions for the content you want to see or questions about me, my photography or my journey then leave them in the comments below. It means so much to me that you have taken the time to support my journey and I hope you love the work I have to come.


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